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IT Services

IT Services from Experienced Professionals

In today's modern world, it is essential to incorporate technology into your business to maximize your output. However, not all companies have the personnel, resources, or technical expertise to dedicate to an IT department. That's where we come in. Depend on our team to effectively manage the technical aspects of your business. By hiring RD Computer Solutions, you aren't required to retrain or reassign existing staff members whenever a special project comes up. Free up time and staff by outsourcing the maintenance and upgrades of your computer systems.

Save Time, Resources, & Money

Propelling your business to success involves efficiently managing your available resources. Inefficient technology systems waste both time and money. Our IT experts have the skills and knowledge to modernize and streamline your technology infrastructure without disrupting daily business operations. You'll be sure to appreciate the cost savings associated with optimizing your technology. Additionally, you can receive further cost savings by taking advantage of our discounted hourly support contracts. Contact us for more details.

A Complete Range of IT Services

When it comes to current technology, there is a lot of information to take in -- it can even be overwhelming. We ease your stress by removing the technological responsibilities from your workload. Our experienced team works on desktops, notebooks, servers, networks, and applications. Check out our list of managed IT services and offerings:

• Cloud Computing Services
- Microsoft Office 365
- Exchange Email
- Azure Cloud
- SharePoint
 - CRM
 - OneDrive
 - Skype for Business

• Mobile Device Management And Protection
 - Intune MDM For Android, IOS And Windows 10

• Virtualization
 - Server / Desktop / Application

• Network Security
 - Monitoring  - VPN / Firewall / Intrusion

• Business Continuity Protection
• Comprehensive IT Support Services
• Document Management And Control
• Windows Updates And Patch Management
• Malware - Ransomware - Virus Protection
• IT Infrastructure Design And Implementation
• Technology Assessments And Deployments
• Security Policy Design And Enforcement
• Proactive Monitoring And Alerting
• Large Technical Project Support
• Onsite And Remote IT Support
• IT Staff Augmentation
• Vendor Management
• Storage Solutions

A Comprehensive IT Solution

As your Managed Services Provider, RD Computer Solutions delivers reliable IT support for your organization, potentially eliminating the need for an internal IT department. Our all-encompassing IT strategy includes:

• Designing, implementing, and maintaining effective technologies.
• Providing simple, clear assessments of complicated technical issues.
• Providing comprehensive mission-critical support services to small businesses.
• Identifying technical failures and explaining technical problems in an easily-understood manner.
• Outfitting organizations with the right infrastructure and technologies needed to efficiently manage their operations.